List of Services

Use the following pages to ensure that your solid waste collection needs are promptly attended to.


Make an online payment.
Use PayPal to pay your bill online.  Just submit the amount you want to pay and use your credit card, check, or debit card.


Drop Box Service
Request the delivery of a large volume drop box or request that a drop box be picked up or emptied.
  Roll Cart Service
Request the delivery of a roll cart.
  New Service
Start a new collection service (other than a drop box), or change the container size/type for an existing account.
  Change of Service
Modify the type of collection at an existing account address.
  Recycling Service
Find out about our recycling services.
  Will Call Pick-Up
Request a pick-up at your existing will-call account.
  Yard Debris Service
Find out about our yard debris service.
  Change of Mailing Address
Update an account billing address.
  Special Pick-Up
Request an special pick-up for items such as tires, appliances, or oversized material.
  Missed Pick Up
Report a missed pick-up.
  Suspend/Resume Service
Suspend service for a specific period, or resume suspended service.
  Discontinue Service
Discontinue collection at a specific account address.