Yard Debris Information
If you have weekly or monthly garbage service with Gladstone Disposal Co. and are within the city limits and/or urban growth boundary, you automatically have yard debris pickup services.
Yard debris is collected weekly, year-round. It is picked up on the same day as your regular garbage pick up, but we use a separate truck to pick it up. Yard Debris MUST be separate from your garbage.
Your yard debris must be at the curb/road side by 5:00 a.m., on your normal garbage pickup day.

65 Gallon Roll Cart
26" Wide
41" Tall
26" Deep
Yard Debris Subscriptions
For those customers who have will call service, or want an additional yard debris roll cart, you may purchase a yard debris subscription.  For $73.70, due on the bill following your first pickup, we will provide you a yard debris roll cart and weekly service for one year.  On the anniversary of your first pickup, we will bill again for next years service. 

One year yard debris subscription: $73.70

If you would like to purchase a yard debris subscription, please call us at 503-656-9426, or click here.
Acceptable Items
Leaves, grass clippings, other yard vegetation, tree and shrub prunings, and fruit or vegetable remains are acceptable.
Items We Can Not Accept
PLEASE … Do not ask our yard debris drivers to pick up rocks, dirt, sod, food wastes, garbage, stumps or logs.
Extra Pickup
For an additional charge, we'll pick up extra containers. Each extra container is $3.58 per container. You are allowed up to 60 pounds of yard debris per additional container. If you want to use multiple containers, we recommend you call (503) 656-9426 and let our office staff know, or click here.
If you would like an additional yard debris roll cart,  you may purchase a yard debris subscription
Acceptable Containers
  • A garbage can , up to 32 gallons (but no larger)
  • A recyclable paper bag (Kraft paper or cardboard box, maximum size 2' x 2' x 2')
  • We provide a 65-gallon roll cart for yard debris. The maximum weight we will pickup per roll cart is 120 pounds. We encourage you to keep yard debris out of your regular garbage container.
REMEMBER … Plastic bags are NOT acceptable for yard debris.
For Really Big Yards
Call Office. 503-656-9426
Please note that our drivers must follow the guidelines established by our governing bodies. Yard debris in unacceptable containers, or of an unacceptable type (e.g. dirt and rocks), will not be picked up.