Extreme Weather Policy

Occasionally, icy or snowy roads make it unsafe for our trucks to be out.  We always do our best to put the safety of our customers and their property as well as our employees and equipment first during adverse weather conditions.   Since weather changes can occur rapidly during bad weather it is difficult to predict the length of any service delays in advance. 

However, in the event of a delay in service, we will do our best to ensure that service is provided as soon as possible after the weather improves.  Below are several scenarios that may occur during inclement weather.

Depending on the weather – and safety we may elect to:
[1] Pick up your trash the next day.
We may be able to pick up your trash the next day if time allows.  This will depend on the weather and the resources available that day. We may be able to provide service to some but not all of our customers that were missed the day before.

[2] Pick up your trash (with extras at no charge) on your regular pickup day the next week.
If you were not serviced the day after your normal pickup day then please hold your trash cart until the next week and we will empty it along with any extra bags for no extra charge.
Example: If your regular service is Tuesday and we are unable to collect on Tuesday or Wednesday, we will collect the next week on your normal collection day – weather permitting.

[3] We may shift the pickup schedule for the remainder of the week one day ahead, and wrap up the pickup week on Saturday.
Example: If your regular service is Thursday and weather prevents collection, we will collect on Friday. For customers whose regular day is Friday, we will collect on Saturday. 


When you will be picked up will be determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the weather, and the safety of our customers, employees, and trucks.

Please note that safety is our top priority and that unforeseen circumstances may force changes to our schedules.  We will communicate service changes to you via this website and will keep our phone system updated with the most recent information.

Sometimes we’ll decide to run the garbage trucks, but will ground both our yard debris and recycling trucks.  If the weather looks bad, please hold your recyclables and/or yard debris until the following week. 

Tips for setting out extra materials after a weather delay

Extra Garbage
Place next to garbage container in securely tied plastic bags or 32-gal can (55-lb weight limit)

Extra Recycling
Paper and cardboard materials become non-recyclable when exposed to prolonged moisture (rain, snow, etc).  To ensure these items are recycled, it is essential to hold them until they fit in your recycling cart.  This will keep paper materials dry so they can be recycled.  Remember, no recycling in plastic bags.

Extra Yard Debris (No food scraps or plastic)
Place next to yard debris cart in:

  • Heavy paper yard debris bags or
  • 32-gal cans (55-lb weight limit) with handles & lids labels “yard debris” or
  • Bundles tied with twine (4’x 2’ limit)

 For more information

  • Call (503) 656-9426 or keep checking our website for updates
  • Watch local media for news about service delays due to weather


Postponed collections are not considered missed pickups because the service is provided in due course. Credits are not available for postponed collections due to inclement weather.