Gracie's Video Clips

Gracie is currently enrolled in the K-9 agility program at TagStar's K-9 Academy which is owned and operated by Kathy McDaniel.  Kathy is a certified animal massage therapist who is a graduate of the N.W. School of Animal Massage and has over 30 years experience as a Licensed Veterinary Surgical Technician. Kathy has also worked in animal clinics and hospitals and specializes in rehabilitation and maintenance.
If you would like to contact Kathy her phone number is 503-631-2645

Below are a few video clips of Gracie performing during her agility training class.

Gracie jumping through a tire.
Click Here

Gracie climbing the A-Frame
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Gracie climbing the A-Frame 2
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Gracie jumping and tunneling
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Gracie on the teeter totter
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